Thursday, July 2, 2015

Dynamic Duos

Many clients ask, “what food is healthy”?   In truth, there is a lot of different opinions in the nutrition field about this topic.   Additionally, people can’t always eat certain foods due to food allergies, medications, and other health related issues.    I’m not a doctor or a dietician; however, I do a fair amount of research on the topic and like to share what I find with my clients and friends.   If you have any doubts about a food or pairing, check with your doctor or dietician.

Last week, NPR published an article called “Dynamic Duos: How To Get More Nutrition By Pairing Foods” which can be found on   Here are some of the highlights:

  1.   Eating eggs with your salad helps boost absorption of carotenoids — the pigments in tomatoes and carrots.  Carotenoids such as beta carotene and lycopene are phytonutrients that help fight inflammation.  Absorption was 3.8-fold higher when the salad included three eggs compared to no eggs.   Monroe Hypnosis verdict:  I will be eating and making more Cobb salads.
  2. You'll get more plant-based iron from black beans if you eat them with something rich in vitamin C, like red pepper.   Monroe Hypnosis verdict:   peppers will now be a part of every burrito I make.
  3. Calcium + Vitamin D.   Vitamin D helps calcium absorption which, in turn, may help with increasing bone density.   Monroe Hypnosis verdict:   Many milk producers add Vitamin D for this reason.
  4.  For a complete vegetarian protein:   combine humus and whole wheat bread.  Monroe Hypnosis verdict:   a great way to get protein with a salad when a meat choice isn't desired or unavailable.
  5.  Adding black pepper to turmeric makes the anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties of nutrients in turmeric easier to access (by 2,000 percent).   Monroe Hypnosis verdict:   a great way to spice up your food life for many different vegetables and meats. 
Monroe Hypnosis article verdict:   I will be adding some new custom suggestions to my diet so that I can enjoy the above health benefits.   Adding spices to meat adds flavors without a lot of calories adding eggs and oil based dressings to salads could add protein and absorb more nutrients that reduce inflammation.